Gungahlin Mosque Islamic School Canteen Policy

The Gungahlin Mosque Islamic School Canteen is administrated and supported by the volunteer canteen committee (which includes a manager and volunteer workers). The canteen aims to provide a range of healthy food that is nutritionally sound and at reasonable cost.


As required, there will be a training session conducted by the canteen manager to familiarize the canteen committee with the following guidelines.

Operation of the canteen

The canteen manager will be responsible for keeping the canteen accounts and finances in good order.

Profit (if any) made from running the canteen will be distributed among the three categories based on the percentages agreed by the committee every week. The three categories are as follows:

  • The canteen running costs
  • The volunteers running the canteen
  • Donate to the school/masjid to finance and enhance the education and learning environment of the students

Hygiene skills and knowledge

It will be required by all canteen committee members handling or serving food to:

  • Wear aprons
  • Prepare food on clean surfaces using clean utensils
  • Wash hands and utensils frequently, particularly before commencing new tasks
  • Wear gloves in the case of direct contact with food. Otherwise, use tongs whenever possible
  • Not allow young children in the food preparation area of the canteen
  • Clean the floors, sinks and/or benches at the end of the day

Prohibited food items

  • Food that will not be sold at the canteen include:
  • Chocolate confectionary, lollies, and potato chips
  • Soft drinks and drinks of high caffeine
  • Deep fried food of any kind
  • Food containing any nuts including Nutella and peanut butter


The Gungahlin Mosque does not have cooking facilities at this stage. A kitchen will be built in the future, but the canteen committee may not be able to use it as it may be used as one of the classrooms. It will be the canteen committee’s responsibility to have all the food prepared prior to bringing it to the canteen stall each week.


  • The canteen MENU (i.e. sandwiches, wraps, burgers or sausage rolls etc.) may vary from week to week depending on the volunteers’ availability and their willingness to prepare food in one particular week. Every effort will be made to keep a variety of the items in the menu as healthy as possible (including vegetables and fruits).
  • The canteen staff, particularly its manager, will be responsible for making decisions regarding changes to the MAIN MENU and side items in the menu each week/term.
  • The canteen staff will determine the selling prices of the food items, taking into account the costs of food preparation and the profit.


  • It is required of the canteen committee to be aware of the evacuation and safety procedures in the case of a fire or any other emergency.
  • It is a requirement for all canteen staff to wear closed footwear.


  • A copy of this policy will be:
  • Kept at hand for reference in the school canteen
  • Given to all canteen committee members in the first committee meeting of the school year
  • Reviewed in terms of the rules every year