Islamic studies

Islamic Studies provide instructions to Muslims permitting them in living a blessed life.


All the students were learning the life story of Prophet Nuh (A:)

Watch the story, link below, there are some questions to answer: (Level 1 and 2 answer orally to parents and level 3 to 6 write the answers)


1.        How many years Prophet Nuh (A:) preached?

2.       Why Allah was angry with the people on earth?

3.        What did Allah ask Prophet to plant on earth?

4.       What was Prophet asked to build after the plants grow for 100 years?

5.       Who helped the Prophet to build the ship?

6.      Where the ship was built?

7.       How many different sections were on the ship?

8.       Who did not listen to the Prophet as the flood started?

9.       Did not the animals heart each other? How they lived together?

10.    How many days did the Prophet sail?

11.  Why Allah send Prophet Nuh (A:) to earth?

12.  Why people on earth did not listen to the Prophet?

13.   Who boarded the ship with the Prophet?

14.   Where did the boat land after the flood?