Enrollment Information

Gungahlin Mosque Islamic School (GMIS) will be open on every Sunday from 10am to 1:15pm (Including Dahur prayer), during school term.


a) Enrolment Form - [PDF]

b) General Information

o GMIS has had to limit enrolments due to limited capacity and resource.
o Students must turn 5 years old on or before 30 April of the year of enrolment.
o Ensure that your child goes to school regularly, on time and properly equipped
o All students support the school’s social policy and rules
o Inform teachers if your child/children are unable to attend class for any reason.
o If absent for 3 continuous days (3 weeks), parents will be contacted for recontinuation/cancellation of enrolment
o It is the responsibility of parents to make proper transportation arrangements to transport their children to and from school.

Children Age Group: 5 to 12 years age (must attend a regular daytime school in the ACT).

Email: Info@gmis.org.au
Contact: Sr Salma – 0403046865
Sr Nawal – 0402424498, Br Abu Saleh – 0404286568


All children above the age of five will be required to attend an oral assessment on enrolment day.

This is deemed necessary to assess and evaluate the child’s knowledge and understanding on Islam and Arabic Language; in theory and in practice.

The child will be placed on the level he/she is suitable.


Yearly fees $300 will be collected at the begining of the year,

FEES PAYABLE for whole year by a family are as follows

(1st child – $300; 2nd child – $200 each & 3rd child – $100 each, 4th child free)

GMIS Direct Deposit Details:


BSB: 062 - 913, ACCOUNT NUMBER: 1114 4928

DESCRIPTION: Child or children’s names

The school prefers to collect the enrolment fees through online bank accounts but if parents prefers fees will be collected in cash also

Enrolment will not be confirmed until the fee is paid. The enrolment fee is non-refundable




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